• ETF BAFA 2017 – The best graduate thesis at the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, “Classification of arm movements based on kinematic parameters using neural networks” under menthoship Doc. Milica Janković

         Award Recipient: Marija Novičić

  • Medical Olympiad 2017 –  The second price at 4th International Medical Olympiad for the paper M. Matović, M. Janković, M. Barjaktarović, M. Jeremić, „Our solution for fusion of simultaneusly acquired whole body scintigrams and optical images, as useful tool in clinical practice in patients with differentiaited thyroid carcinomas after radioiodine therapy. A useful tool in clinical practice“

        Award Recipients: prof. Milovan Matović, Milica Janković, Marko Barjaktarović, Marija Jeremić

  • IcETRAN 2017 –  The best paper of young researcher in the field of biomedical engineering: Antonina Aleksić, Stevica Graovac, Dejan B. Popović, “The pendulum test for assessing spasticity based on smart phone movie and passive markers

        Award Recipient: Antonina Aleksić

  • EECSI 2016 – The best paper at 3rd International Conference on Electrical, Electronic and Computing Engineering, Zlatibor, Serbia, 13-16 June, 2016. Rad: V. N. Bobić, M.D. Djurić-Jovičić, N Jarrassé, Ječmenica-Lukić M., I.N. and Radovanović S. M. Petrović, N. Dragašević, Kostić V.S “Frequency analysis of repetitive finger tapping – extracting parameters for movement quantification”.

        Award Recipient: Vladislava Bobić 

  • BCNM 2015 – One of four best papers of young researchers: Janković M, Koljević Marković A, Beatović S, Todorović-Tirnanić M, Odalović S, Antić V, Petrović N, Artiko V, Popović D, “One decade of GammaKey system – importance of non-standard features in clinical nuclear medicine”, 4th Balkan Congress of Nuclear Medicine 2015, September 3-6, 2015, Ohrid, Macedonia, Abstract book, pp. 62.

          Award Recipient: Milica Janković

  • IcETRAN 2014 – The best paper of young researcher in the field of biomedical engineering: M. Petrović, D. B. Popović, “Heuristic estimation of joint angles during gait from data acquired by body-worn inertial sensors“, the third International Conference on Electrical, Electronic and Computing Engineering IcEtran, June, 2014, Vrnjačka banja, Serbia)

        Award Recipient: Marija Gavrilović

  • IcETRAN 2014 – The best paper of researcher in the field of biomedical engineering: Janković MM, Miler Jerković V, Koljević Marković A, Popović D.B, Algorithm for the Uptake Assessment in Small Lesions in Dynamic Scintigraphy, Proc. 58th ETRAN Conference, Vrnjačka Banja, 2-5 Jun, 2014

        Award Recipient: Milica Janković

  • IlijaStojanović 2013 – The best paper on TELFOR 2013 Conference: Janković, M.M, Koljević-Marković A, Odalović, S, Popović D.B. Third party application for quantitative salivary gland scintigraphy, Proc of the 21st Telecommunications forum TELFOR 2013, pp. 936-939, Belgrade, 26-28 November, 2013

        Award Recipients: Milica Janković, Ana Koljević-Marković, Strahinja Odalović, prof. Dejan Popović

  • COST2013 – Travel grant, COST Action TD1006, sa temom: Control strategies for EEG BCI device based on motor imagery, Principal Investigator: Natalie Mrachach Kersting, Aalborg University

        Award Recipient: Andrej Savić

  • IEEE EMB/CAS/SMC 2012 – Award for the best live demonstration on IEEE EMB/CAS/SMC Workshop on Brain-Machine-Body Interfaces, San Diego CA, Avgust 27, 2012

        Award Recipient: Andrej Savić

  • COST 2012 – Travel grant, COST Action TD1006, sa temom: Advanced EEG techniques to utilize brains automatic change detection in BCI), Glavni istraživač: Ina M Tarkka, University of Jyväskylä

        Award Recipient: Andrej Savić

  • TEMPUS 2011 –  Travel grant, visit of System Software Laboratory, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – FERI, Glavni istraživači: Damjan Zazula, Aleš Holobar, University of Maribor

        Award Recipient: Andrej Savić

  • Ilija Stojanović 2010 – The best student paper on TELFOR conference 2010: “Comparison of the event-related desynchronization during self-paced movement and when playing a Nintendo Wii game“, Belgrade, Serbia

        Award Recipient: Andrej Savić

  • ETRAN 2009 – The best paper of young researcher in the field of biomedical engineering: “Detection of breathing phases“, Vrnjačka banja, Serbia, 2009.

        Award Recipient: Andrej Savić

  • ETRAN 2005 – The best paper of young researcher in the field of biomedical engineering: M. Piperski, D. Miljković, “Virtual instrument for impedance characterization of electrodes” na Biomedicinskoj sekciji ETRAN 2005

        Award Recipient: Milica Janković (Ex Piperski)

  • Siemens 2004 – Award for the development of nuclear-medical system

        Award Recipient: Milica Janković

  • BIMEF 2003 – The best paper at the Annual Conference for Biomedical Engineering BIMEF: M. Piperski, Dejan B. Popović, “PC-based four-channel electromyography (EMG) device”

        Award Recipient: Milica Janković (Ex Piperski)

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