LabHand and Hand Analyser software

Software for acquisition and analysis of handwriting from Wacom graphic table, by author Vladimir Kojić.

Miler Jerković, V. Kojić, MB Popović, An Information and Reliability Analysis of handwriting Kinematics, 2nd International Conference on Electrical Electronic and Computing Engineering IcETRAN 2015, 2015.

Sensy software

Software for recording of  gait sequences of inertial sensors and gait analysis that enables plotting the kinematics
curves, force profiles, spatio-temporal map of gait parameters.

Đurić-Jovičić MD, Jovičić NS, Radovanović SM, Kresojević ND, Kostić VS, Popović MB. Quantitative and qualitative gait assessments in Parkinson’s disease patients, Vojnosanitetski pregled, 71(9):809-16, 2014.

Submarine software

Software for parathyroid adenoma quantitative uptake assessment in dual tracer dynamic scintigraphy.

Koljević Marković A, Janković MM, Marković I, Pupić G, Džodić R, Delaloye AB, Parathyroid dual tracer subtraction scintigraphy: small regions method for quantitative assessment of parathyroid adenoma uptake, Ann Nucl Med, 28:736-745, 2014.

SalivaryScan sofware

Software for quantitative analysis of dynamic salivary gland scintigraphy.

Janković MM, Koljević Marković A, Odalović S, Popović DB, N. Petrović, V. Artiko, A Software Tool for the Assessment of Salivary Gland Function, Telfor Journal, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 59-63, 2014.

Acq16ch software with AceLab system

Data Acquisition software for simultaneous monitoring and logging of 16 analog channels by authors Josip Jakić and Jovana Jović. AceLab system was developed in master thesis of Nadica Miljković.

GammaKey software

GammaKey software for data acquisition, achieving and processing of gama studies. Detailed specification is here.

Janković MM, Pijetlović B, Koljević Marković A, Todorović-Tirnanić MV, Beatović SLj, Antić V, Odalović S, Sekulić S, Jorgovanović N, Popović DB, GammaKey system for improved diagnostics with gamma camerasComput biol med, 50:97-106, 2014.

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