FABelgrade2018 is a regional convention dedicated to the promotion of digital fabrication (3D printing and related technologies), fab lab concept, the use of these technologies in teaching, science and entrepreneurship and their applications in other fields - engineering, design, architecture, industry. FABelgrade2018 takes place on 28-29. April 2018 at Dom Omladine in Belgrade. The program includes lectures and panel discussions as well as a number of practical workshops and presentations of regional fab labs and companies in the field of digital fabrication. FABelgrade2018 speakers are global and regional leaders in this field, including experts from 3D bioprinting, robotics and "Internet of Things", a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to science and education. FABelgrade2018 practical workshops will take place in the fab lab-makerspace, which will include all fab lab tools and machines, such as various 3D printer models, laser cutters, CNC machines and DIY electronics. The entry is free, but registration is required on the website.