The activities of our Laboratory are focused on the areas of: neural engineering, clinical engineering, design of biomedical instrumentation, biomedical signal processing, medical imaging, modeling of biophysical systems. The Laboratory maintains active cooperation with numerous clinical institutions, as well as research and development centers and companies.

BMIT participates in the organization of the IcETRAN/ETRAN Biomedical Section, and was also the organizer of the symposium (2011-2013) and conference (2014-2015) Human-Machine Interface from Student-to-Student Interface.

An important part of the activities of the Laboratory is educational work based on project-based learning principles, i.e. using the concept of acquiring knowledge by team solving realistic, interdisciplinary problems. Also, the Laboratory organizes summer student practices in the field of biomedical engineering, participates in projects of popularization of science (Brain Awareness Week, Fablab, MIT Hacking Medicine) and organization of competition in the field of software-designed instrumentation.

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