ASTEK conference 4-5 November 2022

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University of Belgrade – School of Electrical Engineering will host the second day of the 4th international conference on Assistive Technology and Communication (ASTEK, when the thematic workshops will be held with invited participants (university teachers, researchers and students) from various professions: special education and rehabilitation, medicine, psychology, linguistics, electrical engineering.

The aim of the ASTEK conference is traditionally the promotion of new technological achievements in the field of assistive systems intended for children with developmental disabilities and people with disabilities in the synergy of relevant scientific and research institutions, professional associations, businesses, and end users.

The purpose of the thematic workshops will be to formulate new, concrete proposals for the improvement and development of assistive technologies based on the existing practical solutions and new theoretical knowledge presented at the ASTEK conference.

Introductory motivational lectures of workshops:

  • Dr Jelena Sučević, postdoctoral fellow at the Oxford University BabyLab Center, “Monitoring the development of communication skills and the ability to objectively assess the condition of the interviewee during communication”
  • Dragana Raičević, Master of Cognitive and Functional Linguistics, PhD candidate at Ghent University, “On sign language linguistics and Serbian Sign Language”
  • Ljiljana Ranđić, psychologist, Algo Center for Early Reading, “Working memory – from conceptual solution through neurophysiological basis to stimulation and empirical monitoring of training effects”.
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