Naslov: Robotic arm control with two degrees of freedom based on electromyographic and kinematic signals
Student: Dalibor Veljković

Naslov: Classification of arm movements based on kinematic parameters using neural networks
Student: Marija Novičić


Title: Designing a platform for processing of motor evoked potentials
Student: Ognjen Milićević

Title: EEG applications for functional electrical stimulation
Student: Borjana Bogdanović

Title:Changes in EEG signals during motor reaction to the lexical decision task
Student: Bojana Golubović

Title: Analysis of electroencephalographic signals recorded during functional electrical stimulation
Student: Vladislava Bobić

Title: A method for application of web-based games in Neurorehabilitation by using the Kinect sensor estimation of hand trajectory
Student: Jelena Kljajić

Title: Principal component analysis of electromyography signals for grasp classification
Student: Milica Isaković

Title: Implementation and comparison of electrocardiograph and Euler method for pulse feature extraction from video signal
Student: Dragan Trifunović

Title: Multi-channel EMG feedback algorithm
Student: Ilija Jovanov


Title: Time-frequency analysis in the processing of electrophysiological signals
Student: Marko Lainović


Title: Analysis of H reflexes recorded with electrode matrix on soleus muscle
Student: Vladimir Kojić


Title: Object indentification and grasp type recognition based on the stereovision system
Student: Matija Štrbac

Title: Event-related desynchronization variations during voluntary movements and Wii game interaction
Student: Nikola Šobajić


Title: A system for determining the grasp strategy with a distance sensor and a camera
Student: Miloš Kostić


Title: Classifying mental tasks based on features of higher-order statistics from EEG
Student: Marko Jevremović

Title: Motor drive for control of pelvis motion during gait
Student: Nebojša Malešević

Title: Analysis of ground reaction forces while walking in shoes with different heel heights
Student: Milica Đurić-Jovičić

Title: Fractal dynamics of gait
Student: Olga Grbovic

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