Naslov: Detection of epileptic phenomenon in preclinical studies using Bios analysis of EEG signals and artificial neural networks
Student: Andrijana Pušica


Title: The development of software tools for automatic detection of tumors on the whole body PET scans
Student: Nataša Petrović


Title: Heuristic evaluation of joint angles during gait based on the inertial sensor measurements
Student: Marija Petrović

Title: The software and algorithm for the automatic diagnosis of parathyroid adenoma
Student: Marko Đurović


Title: Influence of visual feedback on changes in cortical activity during real and imagined movements
Student: Marija Stevanović

Title: The impact of spatio-spectral filtering for motor imagery
Student: Bojana Mirković

Title: Electrical stimulation of afferent nerve fibers on the forearm with the surface electrodes for sensory substitution
Student: Minja Perović

Title: Development of a system for measuring the distribution of ground reaction forces using piezoresistive MEMS sensors
Student: Vladimir Kojić


Title: Electronic stimulator with wireless communication with controller
Student: Radoš Dabić

Title: Cortical activity variations during various motor tasks
Student: Nikola Šobajić

Title: Software for controlling the position of a Wii-mote in order to produce motivated arm movement exercises
Student: Momčilo Prodanović

Title: Development of planar rehabilitation robot – software for close loop control of planar rehabilitation robot
Student: Miloš Radulović


Title: Stereovision system for perception generation
Student: Marko Marković

Title: Elastic foot: modeling of the geometry and stiffness optimization
Student: Matija Štrbac

Title: Development of a system for testing effects of haptic interface on motor learning
Student: Petar Kovačević


Title: Intelligent detection of tremor from volitional movement
Student: Andrej Savić

Title: Action Representation of Arm Movements: Primitives Based Model
Student: Miloš Kostić

Title: Comparison of ICA algorithms efficacy for ECG noise removal from EEG signals in neonates
Student: Vladimir Matić


Title: Multi-channel EMG for analysis of recovery function after central nervous system injuries
Student: Nadica Miljković

Title: Modeling of ECG arrhythmias
Student: Nikola Marković


Title: Automatic diagnostic of sensory-motor disorders: New electromyoneurograph (EMNG)
Student: Milica Janković

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